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    1. NHI Headlines

      NHI publishing丨NHI:High quality development path The spirit of TBM presses forward with indomitable will


      Recently, Dong Biqin, former Deputy Director of the Office of Major Technical Equipment of the State Council, summarized and reviewed the development mode and main achievements of China's full section TBM in an exclusive interview with China Industry News. He fully affirmed the important role of the development mode of several enterprises such as NHI in the development of China's full section TBM equipment autonomy.

      Collaborative innovation development model China's TBM is striding into the path of industrial development

      Full section TBM is a large-scale specialized engineering equipment that integrates tunnel excavation, slag removal, assembly of tunnel lining, and directional correction functions. It is widely used in urban rail transit, underground comprehensive pipe gallery, railway and highway tunnel engineering, diversion tunnel engineering, and military protection engineering construction.The full section TBM has the characteristics of safety, speed, efficiency, unaffected by climate, beneficial for environmental protection, and reducing labor intensity. It can achieve green construction and has a high degree of safety guarantee, becoming the mainstream technology and development direction of tunnel construction.

      Dong Biqin believes that the development model of NHI is cooperative innovation.Starting from 2003, NHI has been engaged in the research and development of full section hard rock TBM. It has always adhered to the policy of "three priorities", firstly insisting that joint venture companies must be controlled by NHI; Secondly, the bidding entity for projects in the Chinese market must be NHI; The third principle is to adhere to the design and manufacturing of full section TBM within China, and to arrange them as much as possible in NHI. Foreign joint ventures should transfer their design and manufacturing technology free of charge for mutual benefit and win-win.Through this development model, NHI has achieved rapid and good development in the tunneling machine industry.In June 2006, NHI defeated multiple foreign competitors and won the manufacturing contract for six large slurry balance TBM, setting a historical record for international bidding for domestic shield tunneling machines and changing the unfavorable situation of high price monopoly of imported products.

      NHI has put China's shield tunneling technology on the path of industrial development through mass design and manufacturing of domestically produced TBM.

      Exploring the development path of domestically produced TBM in a step-by-step manner based on local conditions

      The TBM has a complex structure and is a high-end equipment that integrates various technologies such as machinery, electrical control, and hydraulic. With the coordination of tens of thousands of components, it can ensure that there is no risk during underground construction.With its understanding of shield tunneling construction technology and years of experience in manufacturing TBM, NHI has gradually increased the localization rate of TBM.

      After years of exploration, the localization rate of TBM in NHI has been continuously increasing, but the main bearings have always relied on imports.In order to tackle this "tough nut", the Shenyang Municipal Government has established a special team, led by departments such as Industry and Information Technology, Science and Technology, and Urban Construction. Together with more than 40 research institutes and manufacturing enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, more than ten key core technical challenges have been overcome, ultimately bridging the "last mile" of autonomous and controllable construction of shield TBM.In order to cooperate with the localization verification of TBM, NHI has established a professional team. During the testing process, technical personnel use the shield tunneling network control data platform for management, monitor and retain records of the three practical application parameters of thrust, torque, and speed throughout the process, and monitor the operating status of the main bearings of the TBM under various excavation parameter combinations in different strata.During the construction period, the TBM of NHI completed various parameter application scenarios with long duration, high thrust, high torque, and high speed. During the test, the main bearing driving motor current was normal, the gear oil and main bearing temperature were normal, and the main driving system operated well. The "mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic" systems all met the requirements for use, and the localization verification of TBM was successfully completed.

      Fully activate technological heritage Expanding the application path of tunnel excavation technology

      After more than 20 years of continuous exploration, NHI has now fully mastered the design, research and manufacturing technology of a series of tunnel engineering equipment with independent intellectual property rights, such as earth pressure balance shield tunneling machines, mud water balance shield tunneling machines, full section hard rock TBM, coal mine TBM, solid potassium salt mine full section mining machines, etc.At NHI, empowering innovative development in new fields with the "technological fission" of TBM has become a favorable way to transform innovative costs into new quality productivity.

      Potassium salt mines have high corrosiveness, and traditional equipment is difficult to meet mining needs.To solve this industry problem, NHI has specially developed and designed this mining machine for solid potassium salt mining.This is a solid potassium salt mining equipment that integrates multiple functions such as full section continuous cutting, transportation, walking, dust removal, inertial navigation, wireless remote control, etc. The successful development of this equipment marks that NHI has the ability to independently develop and produce solid potassium salt mining machines, and is at the international leading technical level.Through experimental verification, the mining efficiency of this equipment can reach several times that of traditional mining equipment.The successful development of this mining machine is a technological leap in China's solid potassium salt mining process, which is of great significance for promoting the comprehensive mechanization and intelligence of potassium salt mining. It will also play an important role in improving the mining process, industrial innovation, and equipment manufacturing level of various non coal mines in China.

      "Brave to move forward, only advancing without retreating" is the "shield tunneling spirit" formed during the more than 20 years of development of TBM by NHI. "There is no mountain that cannot be penetrated, nor is there a river that cannot be crossed." On the road of modernization in equipment manufacturing, NHI has made no progress.

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